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Take Up Your Cross

Those who are praying the most, loving the most, trying to walk straight the most, are, in turn, suffering the most. Why?

The Mother of the Word

Our Lady’s messages are profound because for 2,000 years She has been the silent witness...

The Attacks in Paris

“…people who had been there for the exact same reasons as I - to have a fun Friday night, innocent…” What you are about to read is a whole element regarding the recent attacks in Paris that has been left out by the worldwide news media.

Free Gifts Available!

Have you ever received a free “giveaway” just for showing up?

What Are You Missing in Your Life Today?

Many busy themselves with what they think is important to accomplish each day. Our Lady tells us of something else we should be busy with.

Five Days of Prayer - December 8-12, 2015

Join us for the five days of prayer, for the reconciling of ourselves, our families, and our nation back to God, December 8-12, 2015

I Was There...

A deep insight to Our Lady's love...

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